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About Us



A digital agency for out of the box thinkers.

Cyclonic Media is a digital marketing agency dedicated to out of the box thinking and building your brand, situated in Cape Town & Pretoria.

We transform our client’s goals into strategic actions. We deliver products using leading edge technologies and are hands on with innovative digital marketing tools & strategies to drive revenue. As the premier web design agency for out of the box thinkers, we put results above all else.

Work ethic

We’ve been around the block long enough to know what success looks like. And for us, everything comes down to zero’s and one’s – is jou website generating leads and business? Our main focus is client satisfaction and our core values are shaped by kindness.

Every project, hire or websites we undertake; get our complete focus and effort.


Results First

We have found that when we apply the same disciplines that we apply to our own business, our clients soar.

Many agencies talk and make promises just to make a deal; we prefer to research & interview every client before they get on board to ensure that we can provide value.